Who are we?

The brand LIXI was born from a bright idea of a young French company, from Saint Etienne to be precise. Starting from one of the simplest object and current of our daily life, we chose to make a rare and precious decoration, a delicate sculpture and shaped according to your desires.

A passionate team of copywriters, graphic designers and designers, who work day after days to develop this range of original products. In constant innovation, new products keep coming, according to your desires and our ideas. 

The LIXI brand is a great playground that gives way to creation and innovation. Everything is possible and everything is imaginable. From a simple piece of plexiglass, we come to sculpt the design of our choice which will come to light up at the dusk. 

A product designed and engraved in France that adapts to all themes. The brand LIXI is composed of products already ready for sale, customizable templates by adding a name, a date, a sentence and 100% customizable lamps that come in the shape of your choice (as a corporate logo for example) . 

 LIXI regularly collaborates with designers and graphic designers to launch special editions that will illuminate your interiors with elegance. 

The LIXI range