Classic Lixi

Futuristic and chic, the Lixi lamp is a real chameleon. Discreet and elegant by day, it transforms into an artistic sculpture at night with its luminous base. Choose your shape, and place it on its solid beech base. You will be able to decorate your living room, light up your kitchen and amaze your guests with this accessory that is both sober and imposing by its unique style. In its classic format, the Lixi lamp will blend into any interior to bring a note of originality and light. The base, discreet, elegant and luminous, will illuminate the sculpture, thus, each line will be highlighted and will emerge powerfully in the semi-darkness.

Personnalized Lixi

Elegant, discreet but especially unique, the Lixi customizable lamp is a warm and very personal accessory. Powerful LEDs will illuminate your sculpture, delicately engraved with a first name or a sentence, a small wink made to a friend or a unique statement, which deserves to be highlighted. By this way, each line, each relief, each emotion of your message will be delicately highlighted, underlined by a white and powerful lighting. This lamp will sublimate a living room, bedroom or office and become the central decorative piece of your home.

Our Strengths

Unique, interchangeable and customizable through its many possible combinations, the Lixi lamp has established itself as a true decorative object, bringing both light and style to your interior. Its range of designer, elegant, original, romantic or even majestic sculptures is constantly being renewed to satisfy all your desires.

  • Design made in France
  • Two ranges of lamps: Casual and Wood
  • Designs for different occasions and styles
  • Change the sculpture according to your mood

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